7 thoughts on “Inner glow…

  1. Looking real magic. Spurs me on. I’ve carried glass for this type of thing around the last 4 houses ’cause it wasn’t the real studiio I wanted to stay in. Another medical test then I decide, stay or move, and really fix a studio not just a shed. Must be great first thing when you get started.


    • Hey Pete, it’s like being in a lolly shop!! And I know what you mean about carrying things around for years waiting for the appropriate studio. I think it’s vital to settle into a workspace that actually contributes/adds inspiration to the old creative psyche – a studio and not just a shed, as you say. Patience does pay off (…eventually!!)

      Hope the medical news is good Pete.


  2. You may be able to help out here. I’ve also emailed Ede Horton. William Warmus, glasssecessionism, asked if he could get documentation from the ausglass conference , to know how & what went on. Seems members only and there’s no way I’ll get a response. btw police just raided the house down the street, dog was amused.


    • Sorry Pete, didn’t go to the conference and I’m not a member…yet(!) The Ausglass subscription roll-over is in May – so thought I’d wait to clamber aboard in concert with the completion of the workshop.

      Deb Jones or Nick Mount or any of those Adelaidians would be the go – cos of course they were also on the organising committee.

      Police raids!! How excitement. Hope you were hanging around on the nature strip, gawping, in your dressing gown (like peeps do on the news.)


  3. Thanks, I passed on nickmountglass facebook connection. I see next conf. is at the Canb. Glasssworks, are they the only ones getting funding. Hope they dont kill it like Ranamok
    I saw the dog running in circles at the gate, I had cut a window in the iron gate for him. 3 paddy vans, 5 cops, and an unmarked with plainclothes men. Took the old man away, blue rubber gloves look sus.I was the one sneaking behind the curtain.


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