4 thoughts on “What caught our fancy this week…

    • Easy to confuse (the macro). I wish they’d play some different toons on these clips but.

      Omigod, thanks for the link to Cameron – the Nigel Kennedy of the organ!! Mind you, I was left totally exhausted after all that organ chat… Hope they’ve booked him for Mardi Gras next weekend. Serious boots, dude, loved ’em. Meanwhile I’m now going to have to work my way through his video playlist. He might be my new passing obsession (like the Red Army Choir!)


  1. Without the I’net, and some hardy travellers Aus. would be dead boring. Have you got any work started or brewing? I’m about to hit my new challenge. Carved rock with engraved glass. Bit tricky when the kilns not going but maybe found or recycled is part of the challenge.


    • Work’s virtual au moment, as in totally in my head. But thank god I’ve got plenty of ideas/designs on the drawing board – cos if I didn’t have lots of things buzzing around in my mind then I’d really start to get anxious.

      I can start making waxes but I’ll still need my cold-shop for finishing off. Tradies live in a different time warp, I’ve decided – and don’t seem to grasp the concept of a definitive arrival date. If only they’d fess up to not being able to deliver for 3 months instead of saying they’ll be here in a couple of days or next week (over and over and over and over again.) It’s a total mystery to me. Anyhoo, it is what it is (sigh of resignation.) And at least Ginger’s up and running.

      Looking forward to checking out your carved rock and engraved glass. And you’ve gotta love found/recycled materials! Apart from anything else it’s environmentally responsible – and ought to at least form a part of everyone’s practice.


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