7 thoughts on “Return of the rats…

  1. Yep, Yee har. How long before they turn up on certain porn stars. BTW David S. has left Latrobe Regional Gallery, no idea how or why. Sorry really though I hadn’t spoken to him personally.


  2. Jumping to conclusions, their f’book cover page has changed, and suggested internal problems. Politics would be a worry, between council, university and Suez(coal) all pushing. I had great hopes.


    • Damned politics. And Councils, particularly, are strange and difficult bedfellows for the Yarts wherever you are. Bummer dude. I’d have thought David would’ve managed those reigns firmly, with great aplomb. Are you sure he’s gone?


  3. There was a directors discussion for the James Gleeson exhibition this evening. Gallery rang on wed. to say it was off, and I said I’d corner him at next weeks official opening with questions. Well no they said, he doesn’t work here anymore.

    I heard half the council staff have been replaced, big things still brewing since the mine fire, and local organisations sprung up like never before. A local nearly beat the safe sitting Nat. Party member in state election. Some legal suing all round, RMIT has a presence “reactivate latrobe” doing great stuff to think about post coalmining.

    And the local Uni at Churchill has been taken over by Ballarat, Federation Uni, changed the carriculum, changed some teaching staff, Art under threat as usual. The old churchill network (coven) controls nearly all the galleries and teaching in gippsland.

    And there is a lot of funding coming from GDF Suez, the miners, who are under pressure locally from the fire and highway closure (only partly their responsibility), and on a wider scale as the coal and power stations are obviously a world wide problem now.

    Pretty wild place to be in any adminstration now. Just going through the chaos of realizing things have to change. The next step of new growth will be fantastic when they get there.
    Hope David didn’t get too burnt.


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