New work from Ginger Lily Rose…


Ginger has just finished the first prototype brooch for her new series Papillon (saw-pierced titanium and brass, layered and welded, cubic zirconia)…

Papillon 1

Papillon 2

Papillon 3

Papillon 4

And, just for an idea of scale…

Papillon 5

Ginger Bottari

5 responses to “New work from Ginger Lily Rose…

  1. Absolutely Fabulous !!……. Morelle has fallen in love with this piece !!……. You are very talented !…… Congratulations !! Xx


    • On Ginger’s behalf, thanks Franck. Morelle is a woman of superior taste(!) It’s wonderful to see Ginger settling into her groove, eh.


    • Thanks Pete. She appreciates the encouragement. Actually, what she really said was ‘Follow the dream Peter – give up the glass and come over to the silver side.’ Ha ha.

      Btw – am enjoying the rock work. Love the stratification, both on the latest and the Jan 14th posts. What a gift from nature, eh – nicely realised, it goes without saying, by the sculptor…


      • Long term idea is to have the rock and glass together. Always loved Galle’s organic look. Don’t know how yet, and have to think of the kiln wiring cost, but I have a habit of going out on a strange limb.


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