New work from Ginger Lily Rose…


Ginger has just finished the first prototype brooch for her new series Papillon (saw-pierced titanium and brass, layered and welded, cubic zirconia)…

Papillon 1

Papillon 2

Papillon 3

Papillon 4

And, just for an idea of scale…

Papillon 5

Ginger Bottari

5 thoughts on “New work from Ginger Lily Rose…

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  1. Absolutely Fabulous !!……. Morelle has fallen in love with this piece !!……. You are very talented !…… Congratulations !! Xx


    1. On Ginger’s behalf, thanks Franck. Morelle is a woman of superior taste(!) It’s wonderful to see Ginger settling into her groove, eh.


    1. Thanks Pete. She appreciates the encouragement. Actually, what she really said was ‘Follow the dream Peter – give up the glass and come over to the silver side.’ Ha ha.

      Btw – am enjoying the rock work. Love the stratification, both on the latest and the Jan 14th posts. What a gift from nature, eh – nicely realised, it goes without saying, by the sculptor…


      1. Long term idea is to have the rock and glass together. Always loved Galle’s organic look. Don’t know how yet, and have to think of the kiln wiring cost, but I have a habit of going out on a strange limb.


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