What caught our fancy this week (not)…

Has Abbot lost the plot completely?


Today, Sir Prince Philip.  Next year…Dame Queen Elisabeth? What a complete nob Tony is – beyond embarrassing. All we can say is WTF? and WHO on earth is advising him? The Palace must have pissed themselves laughing…

[Mind you, we must confess that we’re not agin conferring honours per se. Many years ago we had a beloved cocky called Sir Reginald Mountbatten and the current leader of our garden flock is Sir Frederick Mercury – who has a devoted consort named Lady Amber DeByrd. But giving Prince Philip a knighthood for servicing the Queen? It’s just not on, mate. n(Ed)]


(above) Lady Amber DeByrd lunching with Sir Fred.

3 thoughts on “What caught our fancy this week (not)…

  1. Well he does have more serious “foot in mouth” than cur tony. Maybe get ready for Sir Rupert or Dame Gina, surprised they haven’t got it yet.
    Seriously why, it keeps other shit of the front page and there’ll be plenty when the budget gets to parliement again. Why and who is he listening to applies to this whole government. If it was a court you could say they’re going to plead insanity. I’m gunning for the idiots who voted for him.


    • Yep, true that. The real culprits are indeed the morons who voted them/him in. What a shame job. I love that he’s got 2 MP’s defending him this morning, jeez!! Meanwhile I’m hanging out big time for Malcolm T’s response – in private it’d be pure gold.


  2. We apparently have Ricky Muir moved his office into Sale.(here) I’m going to go in, I’m not a motor head, don’t like the way preference whispering got by. But when I’ve heard him rarely speak I remembered education amd intelligence are not necessarily the same thing. He must be under enormous pressure and seems to have decent values. There must eb a lot of priceless gems going round the party room.


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