6 thoughts on “Old lag…

    • No, just ancient I think. He came in with the pack – and they were just hanging around waiting for the morning feed (we put out wild bird mix.) We do get the odd oldie but haven’t seen this one before.


  1. Had been tossing up re the conference (most of my fave glassies are in Adelaide and they always have the best party events and I LOVE Phillip Adams) but I’m not up and running, workshop wise, yet – so I’ll hold out for the time being. I was going to do a road trip with La Groppa, which would have been an event in itself, but there are just too many other competing priorities. Never mind, another time another conference eh.

    Gleeson and Jam Factory at Latrobe? Sounds great, but I’ve just had a look on the website and can’t see mention of either. You’ll have to give us the scoop.


  2. Click to access LRG%20Jan-Mar%202014%20revised%20%20FINAL.pdf

    I had to check, nearly panicked. I’ve already asked if they have a Jam Factory speaker. James may be hard to get ! Saw Tim Shaw and Scott Chaseling have been to Turkey working with Wilhelm Vernim, great engraver making graal and cameo carved glass pieces onto blown glass. Both I’ve been doing (expensive) so I’m interested if they’re doing it in Adelaide. Would have loved to have been involved but I’m not in the club and it all runs on grants I guess. From what I hear and see I prefer the glass scene there. Hope you’re getting closer to running Neddy.


    • Goodness, the website I found on Google earlier was way different (and drack in presentation…must be an old one because it was very un-David-like!!) So thanks for the link.

      Getting closer to arcing up Neddy, but waiting until workshop completely ready. Studio Bitch still repairing brickwork, glass sliding doors haven’t turned up yet, cold-working area on temporary go-slow for various reasons…the usual January factory shut-down scenarios. No real drama – plenty of stuff to tinker with around the edges.

      I really fancy going to the Glass Furnace/Turkey one day…hopefully before the Middle-East implodes completely.


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