What’s caught our fancy this week…

Whoa! What could be more appropriate, after all?


In her latest series of work, The Daily Duty, Italian artist Cristina Guggeri captures the Queen in a wonderfully natural pose […earning a score of 10 from the Poo. n(Ed)]

How exciting! Thanks Iain for the headzup (pun included.)

For more politico potty portraits go here.

2 thoughts on “What’s caught our fancy this week…

  1. For all the fancy lights you’d think there’d be something better than the plain old corona. or is it royal daulton. btw I heard Grayson Perry say that Duchamps urinal was actually broken in a storage mishap. No more available so what you see is a hand crafted potters replica.


    • Goodness, they really ought to have retained the original – cracks and all (oops, another potty pun) – but apparently it was actually chucked out. Probably by some poor bastard who simply didn’t realise that it was part of the de-intalled exhibition. Reasonable call at the time. One would think that a facsimile is hardly acceptable – though Duchamp himself commissioned the extant edition of them. What a laugh he was having. Art, eh – it’s a mutt’s game.

      We think that if Our Betty isn’t sitting on Royal Doulton, then surely it might be a heritage Thomas Crapper. However, it’s Twyford that holds the Royal Warrant these days apparently…fascinating we know.


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