Treasure alert: Caged South Sea Pearls…


Poetry in motion – four caged pearls: one silver, two peacock and one (very yummy) chocolate…



Ginger’s work is strictly limited edition and each of these finished caged pearls [925 silver/South Sea (Balinese) pearl] are priced at AU$700ea. (See other examples of her work on the Admissible Evidence page.)

Here at Prisoners of the Crown all work is designed and crafted in situ – we do not run a cheap factory production line and we have no truck whatsoever with cheap imported materials and/or fixings. Additional elements, such as the pearls, are sourced and selected by us personally – ah, the joys of travel!

We are similarly eccentric in our trading arrangements; we prefer to deal directly with prospective clients as opposed to using the impersonal internet/paypal option. We have too much respect for the work to allow it to be casually tossed into a virtual shopping cart like some piece of mass-produced tat. In this we are unapologetically ‘atelier’ by nature.

So if you fancy one of the four caged pearls (above), then please email us at to kick-start the conversation. We love a chat.

Alternatively, for those of you who already have a pearl, perhaps as a treasured keepsake from a beloved relative – and rather like the idea of caging it for a more intimately enhanced posterity – the cost is AU$450. Again, please contact us to discuss.

*** Please note: prices do not include GST ***


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