What caught our fancy this first week of 2015…

Omigod – this is actually the first time we’ve really enjoyed this Pharrell Williams song (until now it’s always seemed so twee and gushy.) But there’s something about singing and dancing coppers/military that just gladdens your heart, don’t you reckon? Should be more of it (and less of the lawfully mandated, state sponsored violence that normally goes with the territory.)


YouTube clip here.

[Poor buggers probably won’t be singing so cheerfully once the Russian economy stalls and their wages go south. n(Ed)]

Anyhoo, it prompted us to check out their backlist and we have to say it took us on the most bizarre and entertaining journey. Skyfall is a corker, Sweet Home Alabama is a hoot, even Queen and Men at Work are subjected to a Volga makeover…it’s all astonishingly hilarious (and so wrong on sooo many different levels.)

Make your day, go surf the Red Army Choir’s Top of the Pops.

2 thoughts on “What caught our fancy this first week of 2015…

    • Bummer dude – missed it! Can’t imagine how we’ve missed the phenomenon before now; what a total mind warp. I sat with my jaw in my lap watching them do ABBA, Bon Jovi and Tom Jones (and actually this last number went some way to explaining Yeltsin – that very peculiar solo dance was pure Boris.)

      But the gig that really sent us reeling was at the Kennedy Centre 1989 when they sang God Bless America. We’re (still) speechless.

      Anyways, we’re also now totally hooked – with what can only be described as a capital-m for Morbid fascination.


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