Christmas Day at the workshop…


It’s all hard labour in this nick, darls…



Well, some of us worked, at any rate – under the stern and watchful eye of site foreman Sir Frederick (Freddie) Mercury…


…(and with the aid of some quality lubrication)…





Perfeck (…because, after all, it just wasn’t sunny enough to go to the beach!)

4 thoughts on “Christmas Day at the workshop…

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  1. Ha…looks like Krusty could be in the Conduits of the Invisible exhibition! Merry Crissy and hope to be checking out ya box one day soon! J x


  2. Happy Christmas !!…….12mid-day and still in our P.J.s !……..but been playing with Mya and all her new toys !……..Good Ol’ Santa !! XxXx


    1. Now there’s the perfect xmas day Franck – still in the jimjams at mid-day!! Mya and Santa are a lovely excuse. We were still silly enough to tart up for elevenses – even though we were in chillax mode and intending to paint the workshop. Hard to break old habits, eh. xxx


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