What’s taking our fancy…

We’ve been checking out Paul Sutton’s new work at jas hugonnet gallery (go here)…

Very cool. This is our fave…

Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton, Conduits of the Invisible 17, photograph (58.5 x 39cm)

But perhaps even more exciting is the news that Jas has recently been appointed Executive Director of M16 (in Canberra.) What a ripper – he’ll be fabulous!

2 thoughts on “What’s taking our fancy…

    • It’s a terrific facility, with lots of very cool artists in rez. Peeps like Nicky Dickson and Rose Montebello (we love their work, big time.) I just had a quick look too and was really interested to see the current gender ratio. Only 2 blokes!! Though this shifts of course…


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