Santa’s back…


…this time for Megsie…







Happiness is one big mo-fo oven.




The Poo says yes!!


We’ll be having a naming ceremony soon – no prizes for guessing!

[And while we do appreciate your many (emailed) suggestions of ‘Megsie’s Box’, we hate to have to disappoint you. Because as much as we find the concept perfectly acceptable – and have to fess up that we already play with it informally (as in, have you seen my box/do you want to see my box…and yes, Harijs has already suggested a kiln merkin, an enchanting idea that we are naturally considering very seriously) – the kiln will bear a far more legendary title. That notwithstanding, we do anticipate pun central-o-rama, particularly in-house. It’s simply irresistible. n(Ed)]

8 thoughts on “Santa’s back…

    • Hey Pete, more like the next bill will be Country Energy!! As far as glass is concerned, I’m a die-in-the-wool Blackwood’s girl. But actually I do have a fair bit of material in stock (courtesy of my magpie tendencies) and I’m also seriously into recycled window glass.

      I don’t give a flying fuck about the big guys club. And we categorically refuse to arse-lick our way into it. Quaint of us, we know. But I should point out that I do use Bullseye when and if it’s appropriate for a piece – it’s simply a matter of horses for courses.


    • Yeah, yippeeeee for sure – took a while to wipe the goofy smile of my face. The naming ceremony will definitely be a bubbly affair – can you figure out what we’ll call him?


  1. My first thought of a name was sexist. I’ve wanted to engrave blackwood, James said he would pour some straight into a mold so I dont have to deal with too many bubbles. There was a fun girl on b board did lots of good stuff with recycled. I’m chasing more rock, local, love the natural so recycle is on the agenda. Have a few drinks for me, I haven’t indulged for years.


    • Well darl, it’s actually a lay down misere when it comes to the name. Monolithic metal box, it’s gotta be Ned. I’ll have your share of the bubbles, Pete, all good.


    • Nicky!!!!! So exciting, can’t wait to see the output myself. Still early days (lots of stuff to do) but it’s all ahead full as they say in the classics. Happy days. How are you travelling? Let us know when/where your next show is.


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