Sue pips ’em at the post…

Sue Chancellor

Congratulations to Susan Chancellor who took out the Bega Art Pize 2014 last night with her drawing compilation Sitting with Pattie. How marvellous to see the nod given to graphic investigation (as opposed to paint.)

We’re so chuffed – apart from anything else she’s such a lovely sheila – and what a stellar year it’s been for her, having also snaffled the Basil Sellers Prize in Moruya in October.

We had intended to tart up and go in for some cultural pretese artistiche, but it was the last night of Sammy Jo and Iain’s surprise 4-day visit so naturally all plans were scuppered in favour of celebrazione di famiglia (hey, it’s natale!). Never mind, we’ll mosey in for a proper quiet look without the crowd…it’s on ’til the end of Jan.

Rest of the field here. There’s lots to like – but we have to say we were particularly taken with ceramicist Margaret Brown’s Bream in the Shadow


…it’s a stunning neriage piece – from another lovely sheila.

2 thoughts on “Sue pips ’em at the post…

  1. Yes, I’d agree with you on both points. Great to see some emotional connection via the drawings. And the ceramic piece was intriguing. Although I usually hate the fiddly/twiddly you see a lot of in the country, I was somehow taken in by Simon Weber, October.


    • Oh yeah, for sure – I could certainly live with the Simon Weber on me wall. And Stan Squire’s works, which are fiddly/twiddly in another way entirely, are to die for. Terrific bloke (very modest) and completely genuine.


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