9 thoughts on “Rock’n’roll…

    • Hey Pete, it’s a laser welder – totally Ginger/contemp joolz biz. Welds metals – titanium, silver, even aluminium. Serious shit from her point of view. Far too precision for moi.
      So don’t worry – I’m still trad in my workshop!! Nothin’ weird and techno on my side of the wall. Apparently my kiln’s ready to ship, so I’m hanging out in joyful expectation…


      • How big is the kiln meg. I’m getting into real experimenting. Wanted to carve local rock for ages, so now it’s down to find a source. If I get a lump from the creek the local arty witches will dob me in to the parks people.
        Instead of formal study I’m setting my own, mixing media with glass, and aiming fine art/sculpture instead of designer/maker.
        Picked up 4 new graal balls yesterday too. Keen to see your direction after a break.


  1. 8 cubic feet (interior 530w x 515d x 830 h) I got the biggest 2-phase I could. Gives me enough space without forking out for the transformer etc for 3 phase. Besides, I’m not into the corporate trophy size race – I remain indebted to Ian Mowbray in this regard. I remember him turning up to the install of an exhibition in Adelaide with a shoebox under his arm (delivering 6 of his works!) I thought at the time that, given the usual shipping palaver, he was the smartest man in oz glass.
    I’m kinda keen to see my direction too! With Gallipoli coming on I suspect I’ll turn a gimlet eye on war.


    • There seems to be an idea people are buying by the weight per dollar, and I just thought there were too many size queens into glass.
      Gallipoli is an odd job. I ended up with grandfathers medals which I’m going to put in his RSL where all the family can see them. No fights over who wears them to march.Pretentious crap. Reading his letters was bad. I tend to like Quilty’s approach, though Betty Churchers book is good.” Art of War.”


      • Yeah, well my take certainly won’t be dewy eyed. I think we owe it to the poor bastards who perished to maintain the rage about it (and every other bleeding conflict since.) I’m more akin to Keating’s point of view. And the attention (and marketing) that the 100th anniversary is garnering is quite shocking. Forget all that pomp and thoroughly dead-as-a-dodo circumstance and start having proper consideration and respect for our armed forces serving currently, that’s what I say. And have those poor bastards from the Voyager incident even been compensated yet? It’s all just too disgraceful.


  2. Perhaps I should disclose that I’m a military brat (Navy), and in fact seriously/tragically pro military. I really can’t bear the hypocrisy that eddies around it all.


  3. I definately lean towards Keatings view on Gallipoli/ Kokoda, and the marketing blitz really pisses me off. Remember all the sarcasm abour chinese and russians with their juniors almost hero worshipping. Then John Howard started build ups of Aussie(colonial) flags and sponsored trips to G. The political use not the general troops is what riles me. I think Counihan did an etching or drawing, Holocaust, about old men sending young men to die. Great poem by ADHope too.


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